Say hello to Xflow,
One of the world's first Tourist focused Fintech

Xflow is an app created with care and attention for international travelers. That lets you make payments and engage with the locals.

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One platform across the globe.

With Xflow you get every country connected to eachother financially and culturally. Every feature on xflow bridges the international barriers.


Get access to your money
any where in the world.

Send, receive and spend your money anywhere in the world with just a click.


Save and manage your money all in one place.

Full financial visibility, with your other bank accounts and credit cards all in one place with personalized budgeting.


Feel more connected in a international country.

No more feeling of being lost or left out in a new country. Communicate and express better with our travel guide.

Join our community and get access to a better way of travel experience.


Pay like a local - Get the real exchange rate.

Send payment abroad

Easily send payment to anywhere in the world with real time exchange rate and deposited instantly into the receivers bank account.

Pay at the local stores globally

Easily scan the QR code and make payment to any local store in the world.

Receive and request payments

Send a payment request to anyone across the borders and receive payment instantly.

Hassle free payment

Pay anyone just by using his/ her mobile number no more tedious process of adding bank details of your receiver.

Financial Manager

Save, Spend and Manage your money.

Personalized budgeting

Let you automatically categories transactions while you're abroad When you arrive back home, find out exactly how much you spent.

Plan your travel budget ahead

Plan and prepare your trips ahead so that you wont run into any emergency.

Understand your spending better

Create custom categories to group your spending in ways that work for you and your lifestyle.

Control your travel expenditure

With setting a limit and get a alert notification if you cross 80% of the limit

Travel guide

Express and get along with the locals.

Know the culture in and out

Get to know more about the place before visiting it with our guide. Learn the do's and don'ts.

Communicate with local as a local

Get along with locals to get to know more about the culture in depth with our convo mode.

No more miscommunications

Get your words translate into local language around the world for better engagement.

Language is no more a barrier

Xflow screener will help you read anything in any language.












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